Mission Statement

School Mission Statement


1. In the next three years, our school will improve reading habits of students at all the stages providing access to an updated library and conducting various activities.

2. Our school will not follow traditional method. Every class in the school will have a class library and other learning resources .

3. By 2020, the school will achieve 100% literacy in the nearby community by utilizing its all resources.Our school will ensure improved learning levels of all the students.

4. The school will develop students and student-friendly, fear-free environment to enhance regularity in students attendance an participation, leading to improvement in the learning levels .

5. By 2020, the school will achieve plantation of 1000 trees plants in the area where it is located creating environmental awareness among students and sensitizing the community members.

6. By the next 3 years, the school will prepare the health profile of every child enrolled in the school with the help of the local health center and also the community.We will also reduce the weight of school bags of students upto a comfortable level.

7. Our school will arrange an awareness programme in Meghnagar town to keep our city completely clean by following the tips of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.